Corporate lawyer

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Ramon L.

Kenneth M.
High Jr.

Lowthorp Richards supports clients’ business endeavors with timely, efficient services for the formation or dissolution of entities, documentation for acquisitions and sales, reorganization and mergers and other legal matters involved in operating a business.

  • Incorporation, partnership, proprietorship, professional corporation
  • Limited liability partnership, limited liability corporations, franchises
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements
  • Planning and documentation of business acquisitions and sales
  • Reorganizations and mergers
  • Counsel to businesses with respect to contracts and purchase agreements
  • Executive compensation, personnel and employment related matters

In the fast paced, business driven world of Ventura County, having a corporate lawyer to represent your company is a must. A corporate lawyer works to ensure the legality of commercial transactions. Corporate lawyers at Lowthorp Richards McMillan Miller & Templeman work to advise corporations on their legal rights and duties. Corporate Lawyers structure transactions, draft documents, review agreements, negotiate deals, and setup corporations LLCs LLPs making them an asset to any company looking to protect their business and grow.