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Real estate laws are crafted to govern property ownership, tenancy and use. The law also covers the rights of parties involved in a transaction, be they; buyers, sellers, real estate agents, contractors, and developers. Because of the intricate nature of real estate transactions, real estate attorneys are often involved in the entire process. The attorneys generally oversee the transaction work by negotiating, drafting and closing the deals along with facilitating the business end of things.

Our practice areas that often involve real estate law include; Tax Law, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Personal Injury and Insurance Law.

Estate Planning and Real Estate Law

Property owners who are concerned about succession or the future of their real property can seek the help of our estate planning attorneys. These attorneys are best placed to assist property owners achieve their desired goals.

Landlord Tenant Issues

Landlord tenant law largely revolves around tenancy issues. The law covers all the aspects of renting residential or commercial property such as lease, rent, and evictions. In case the homeowner is reckoned to be liable for injuries sustained in his or her property, the accidents and liability laws are brought into focus.

Real Estate Transactions

If you are a party interested in selling, buying or simply improving your home in California, it is very important to understand the practical and legal aspects of real estate transactions.

Some of the key elements of California property and real estate law include; homestead laws, lease and rental agreements, adverse possession laws, contracts, chain of title issues, future interests, easements, zoning and regulations, nuisance law, and more. Adverse possession laws govern the acquisition of ownership of a property without purchasing it.

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